Baby grows are one of those essential items you will always need. Often the first item the baby will wear. They come in a number of different names, including baby body suits, or onsies if you are American.

It is far better to use baby grows which are made of breathable natural fibres like cotton or soft wools in cold weather. Synthetic fibres are not great for babies as they are not really breathable and as baby grows go through the wash so often cotton washes far better than fibres like Nylon.

Funky Giraffe baby grows are both fun and high quality. We make them in our own workshop to ensure the quality and that they are ethically made. The body suits and baby body suits are made only of high quality cotton, safe colour prints and nickel free poppers.

Baby bodysuits are also available from Funky Giraffe


Written by Beatrice Dalton


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