Asides from nappies, wipes and the usual bathing kit, babygrows (also called body suits, rompers, babygros) are a key item for a new baby. From the first hours of a new-born’s life up to late toddler years, a babygrow has many advantages.

They are hardwearing: Babygrows are a hardwearing garment. Made from cotton they are sturdy enough to withstand multiple hot washes, food splashes, rolling, crawling and sleeve chewing.

They have poppers: Many parents would agree that one of the best features the babygrow boasts is that they have poppers. It is a lot easier to change or check a nappy when they are poppered. Another plus point is that there is no need to pull the babygrow over the baby’s head (which is particularly useful if there has been a leak). Due to the poppers it is entirely possible to change a baby’s nappy and clothing without waking him or her.

They are versatile. A babygrow can be worn on its own as a light outfit, as nightwear and they can be layered up with vests and cardigans for extra warmth, particularly if going outside. Babygrows are not just suitable for newborn babies either. Babygrows come in a range of sizes and designs so are suitable for both babies and young toddlers. They are a favourite form of nightwear for older babies as they are so comfortable.

They are easy to wash. Babies appear to be skilled at waiting until a parent has removed a bib or moved the muslin cloth before choosing to bring milk or food back up. Older children when given the freedom to move about will do so with enthusiasm. Rolling about and crawling at high speed will leave grubby marks regardless of how clean the carpet is. Made primarily from cotton the babygrow can easily be washed on a high temperature, removing all dirt and ensuring hygiene is considered.

They promote freedom of movement. It doesn’t take long before a baby starts to move about, first the arms and leg, then full body stretches. Before long the child is moving around. The babygrow is designed in such a way that it does not impede movement in any way yet still ensures that the child is kept warm and protected.

They make great gifts. As well as being an essential for the home nursery, babygrows make great presents. In addition to the basic plain white babygrow there are many beautifully designed items which suit both girl and boy, can be personalised and feature pictures and characters. Being of such a useful nature (many babies spend most of their first months in nothing but a babygrow) any new parent would be thrilled to receive some.

A good tip when buying for someone else is to buy a size larger. When a baby is born the parents usually receive many items of clothing that are suitable for the newborn. Babies don’t stay in this size for very long so buying a slightly larger size is a prudent choice.

A babygrow can be soft and pretty but doubles up as a useful and practical item. No nursery should be without a good stock of babygrows.


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